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Two-wheeled Land Speed Record


  1. The records listed below are those recognised by the FIM and its predecessors
  2. All Speeds in miles per hour
  3. IC refers to Internal Combustion Piston Engines
up to 100 100 - 200 200 - 300 over 300

Date Location Rider Country Vehicle Power Kilo Speed Mile Speed Comments

0 - 100mph

4 Aug 1911 Brooklands, Great BritainJake de Rosier USAIndian IC 88.77 85.38  
11 Aug 1911 Brooklands, Great Britain C.R. CollierGreat Britain Matchless-JAP IC 91.37 91.23  
2 Apr 1914 Brooklands, Great Britain Sidney George Great Britain Indian IC   93.48  


15 Feb 1920Ormond Beach, USALeslie 'Red' ParkhurstUSAHarley-DavidsonIC103.18103.756 
14 Apr 1920Dayton Beach, USAGene WalkerUSAIndianIC105.26105.78 
9 Sep 1923Bois de Boulogne, FranceFred W. Dixon Great BritainHarley DavidsonIC 106.8 
10 Nov 1923Brooklands, Great BritainHerbet Le VackUSATemple-AnzaniIC108.48108.48 
6 Jul 1924Arpajon, FranceHerbert Le Vack USABrough-Superior-JAPIC 118.93 
9 May 1926Arpajon, FranceClaude F. Temple Great BritainOEC-Temple-AnzaniIC121.41  
25 Aug 1928Arpajon, FranceOliver M. Baldwin Great BritainZenith-JAPIC124.48124.62 
25 Aug 1929Arpajon, FranceHerbert Le Vack USABrough-Superior-JAPIC128.34129.07 
19 Sep 1929Schleifheim, GermanyErnst J. Henne GermanyBMWIC 134.68 
31 Aug 1930Arpajon, FranceJoseph S. WrightGreat BritainOEC-Temple-JAPIC135.85137.32 
21 Sep 1930Ingolstadt, GermanyErnst J. Henne GermanyBMWIC 137.66 
6 Nov 1930Cork, IrelandJoseph S. WrightGreat BritainOEC-Temple-JAPIC 150.74 
2 Nov 1932Tat, HungaryErnst J. Henne GermanyBMWIC 151.87 
28 Oct 1934Tat, HungaryErnst J. Henne GermanyBMWIC 152.904 
27 Sep 1935Frankfurt, GermanyErnst J. Henne GermanyBMWIC 159.104 
12 Oct 1936Frankfurt, GermanyErnst J. Henne GermanyBMWIC153.26169.021 
19 Apr 1937GyonEric C. Fernihough Great BritainBrough-Superior-JAPIC168.38169.791 
21 Oct 1937Bergamo to Brescia, ItalyPiero Taruffi ItalyGilera RondineIC 170.373 
28 Nov 1937Frankfurt, GermanyErnst J. Henne GermanyBMWIC171.67173.68 
12 Apr 1951Ingolstadt, GermanyWillem HerzGermanyNSUIC179.15180.11 
2 Jul 1955Swannanoa, New ZealandRussell WrightNew ZealandVincent Black LightningIC 185.15 

200 - 300mph

4 Aug 1956Bonneville, USAWilhelm HerzGermanyNSU Delphin IIIIC210.896  
5 Sep 1962Bonneville, USAWilliam A. JohnsonUSATriumph Dudek StreamlinerIC 224.57 
25 Aug 1966Bonneville, USARobert Leppan USATriumph Gyronaut X-1IC245.616  
17 Sep 1970Bonneville, USADon Vesco USAYamahaIC251.924  
15 Oct 1970Bonneville, USACal RaybornUSAHarley-DavidsonIC255.38  
16 Oct 1970Bonneville, USACal RaybornUSAHarley -DavidsonIC265.492  
1 Oct 1974Bonneville, USADon Vesco USAYamahaIC281.714  

over 300mph

28 Sep 1975Bonneville, USADon VescoUSAYamaha Silver BirdIC302.928  
23 Aug 1978Bonneville, USADon VescoUSAKawasaki Lightning BoltIC315.441  
25 Aug 1978Bonneville, USADon VescoUSAKawasaki Lightning BoltIC318.598  
14 Jul 1990Bonneville, USADave Campos USAHarley-Davidson 'Easy Rider'IC 322.149322.101 
3 Sep 2006Bonneville, USARocky Robinson USAAck AttackI/C turbo 343.127342.792Mike Akatiff owner/builder/designer
5 Sept 2006Bonneville, USAChris Carr USABUB 7I/C Custom 351.062350.885Dennis Manning owner/builder/designer
26 Sep 2008Bonneville, USARocky Robinson USAAck AttackI/C turbo 360.913358.881Mike Akatiff owner/builder/designer
24 Sep 2009Bonneville, USAChris Carr USABUB - 7I/C turbo 367.383591.244 
25 Sep 2010Bonneville, USARocky Robinson USAAck AttackI/C turbo 376.363605.697 


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