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The Speed Record Club aims to put enthusiasts in touch with each other and to provide a method of sharing our common interests, be they current attempts, history, modelling or any other aspect of record-breaking. Whatever type of speed record breaking appeals to you, and at whatever level you are interested, the Speed Record Club is the only club that is not associated with any one project or organisation and is intended to provide a forum for all with a common interest.

The Speed Record Club seeks to promote an informed and educated enthusiast identity, reporting accurately and impartially to the best of its ability on record breaking engineering, events, attempts and history. The club earns its revenue from subscriptions, sale of merchandise and trading related to subscriptions and the production of its quarterly newsletter, Fast FACTS.

The Speed Record Club will neither promote nor discriminate against any record breaker, nor will it promote or become financially involved with any project, or sanction or approve any records.

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The Speed Record Club is committed to protecting your security and privacy and will only use your information to improve the service that we provide. Our Privacy Policy fully complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and we will ensure that your information is secure and monitored with regard to access, both internally and externally.

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